Love Manuela Products XL Large Square Nozzle
Love, Manuela Nozzles & Piping Bags XL Large Square Nozzle #06

    Love Manuela #06 XL Large Square Nozzle

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    • Barcode: 5711334003555
    This xl square nozzle #06 has a unique shape and gives you beautiful meringue cookies with a beautiful design, it almost looks like the shape of a diamond. You can also use it to pipe frosting onto your cupcakes. 

    To make the meringues transfer your whipped meringue to a pastry bag fitted with the XL Large Square Nozzle #06

    Pipe kisses on your sheet pan. To do this, hold the pastry bag completely perpendicular ( not on an angle), give even pressure to start piping the meringue kisses, then release the pressure and pull up.

     Meringue or frosting recipes are available in my baking app Love Manuela


    Quantity You get 1  XL Large Square Nozzle #06

    Stainless steel

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