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    Love Manuela #363 Pipping Nozzle Round

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    Love Manuela #363 Pipping Nozzle with a round top

    This pipping nozzle I often use when decorating my cupcakes with marshmallow/ fluff frosting
    It makes beautiful old-fashioned swirls on top of a cupcake, but make sure to use stable frosting so you can see the beautiful swirl lines clearly in the frosting 


    Snip off the tip of a one-time use pastry bag, insert your piping tip and push it all the way down to fit against the hole you've just cut, the whole end of the piping tip where the design is should be exposed.

    Always half fill the bag with your frosting as over-filling can cause the frosting to spill out of the bag, plus your beautiful hands are warm and can melt the frostings if over-filled.

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