Why Love, Manuela?

Since the launch of my first baking book in 2011, where I chose the name Love, Manuela as a brand name, I have often been asked why this particular name for a baking book and what is the idea behind it?
Everyone has a story. I have mine. Many of you know me through my baking blog for many years, passion for baking, and my Instagram under the same name. On these pages, I have shared my journey in just this, my passion for baking. I love to bake, take beautiful photos and inspire my dear followers through this. But I feel it's time for you to get to know me and my story. Maybe it can even inspire you even more; to think about your dreams and what you see in yourself.

I grew up in an environment where loving words and encouragement were absent.
In fact, I do not remember a single time in my entire childhood where I was told the words "I love you", "You are amazing" or "I am proud of you".
When love and positive words of encouragement are lacking in your childhood and you grow up in an unsafe environment in an unstable home, it gives you the feeling that you are not worth anything. Unfortunately, this was exactly my truth and my thoughts about myself for far too many years.

The feeling of low self-esteem and the thought that I was not good enough made me make many destructive choices as a young girl. I was scared, lonely and had zero self-confidence.

It was not until I started watching The Oprah Show as an 18-year-old, hearing about her story and her dreams, that the thought struck me:
Maybe I too could be valuable and worth loving.

It took me many years to find myself. Both the Oprah show and the love my husband poured over started something new inside me, something good and safe. I began to listen to and take encouraging words from friends and strangers to heart and actually dare to believe them. I worked to push my negative thoughts aside and let the love of those around me change my heart and my thoughts. I had experienced the power of love, and it changed me from the inside out.

So that's why the word L.O.V.E is so important to me, and I want the word Love, which is such a strong word, to be part of my brand, because Love is something I want so strongly that everyone should experience.

My goal for this store is to create products with love and encouraging words that lift you up, such as my cake decorating mixes with the message "You are a special gift" on or "You are worth more than you could ever imagine". Words, I wish I was told when I was growing up. But now as an adult, I know that. And now I want to tell you the same thing.

I hope you will join me on this new wonderful journey !!

XO, Love, Manuela