Manuela Kjeilen started her baking journey as a full-time Norwegian blogger in 2010.

Little did she know about the journey on which her blog www. passion for baking would take her.

One year after starting her baking blog www.passionforbaking.com, the blog was voted Norway's most beloved blog, competing with 250 nominees, including high-profile fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

Manuela later embarked upon a career as a cookbook author and tv-personality, lecturer, food photographer, home baker and given baking classes around the world.

She has been featured in O the Oprah Magazine, Ok middle east , Harper’s Bazaar and many more magazines.

Her first Norwegian baking book, Love, Manuela, was published in 2011 and instantly best-seller. Since then, Manuela has published nine baking books, one of them in English.

Her Instagram account, @passionforbaking, has a whopping 1.2 million followers – and counting.

Usually, Manuela spends most of her time in her kitchen studio, working on new ideas for her baking app "Love Manuela," which was launched about a year ago, and for the past 1.5 years, her focus has also been to develop cake mixes and creating products for her own online shop www.lovemanuela.com with some amazing designers based in Denmark.

Many of Manuela's followers' on Instagram have had a genuine interest and endless requests for pastel things she with often uses in her kitchen, which have been the primary motivator and reason for launching the www.lovemanuela.com online shop.

As Manuela says:

"LoveManuela.com is a response to all requests I got from my blog readers and followers about opening a shop where I can offer those products I love and those products I often use. Here, I will continuously add new products which I normally use in my baking."

Though Manuela has enjoyed a successful career in baking, she is not a trained pastry chef. She is self-taught, and the more than ten years of blogging developed into a steep learning curve, both when it comes to baking, recipe writing while struggling with dyslexia, photography, and business in general.

She emphasizes that she bakes for her pleasure, for enjoyment, and that she finds baking therapeutic.

Manuela is 53, and has been happily married for almost 29 years and has five children from ages 33-21. She moved from Norway in 2002 and lives now in beautiful Sweden with her family.