Love Manuela Products Blend No 5

    Cripsy Bites Mix - Blend No 5

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    Crispy Bites pink pearlescent, silver and black pearls made with a center of cornflakes, milk chocolate, and a layer of sugar.

    They are so cute on cupcakes, cakes, or cookies.

    Comes in a pretty bag, with a cute black bow printed on the bag and a special message, "You are Loved 🖤 ".

    It's such a great gift to give to a friend or loved one who loves to bake.

    You can pair it with a favorite mug from our shop.

    I love to tuck these cute sprinkles in a mug that says "Be You" or "Dream Big" and share the love!


    Brand: Love Manuela 

    Blend No 5

    Crispy Bites pink Pearlescent, silver, and black 

    Brand: Love Manuela 

    Text: "You are Loved 🖤" 

    Quantity: 1 bag