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    Love Manuela & Kladdkaka

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    Kladdkaka is one of the most famous fika cakes in Sweden, kladdkaka means "Sticky Cake".  There is something about a slightly under baked, chocolatey mess that just is so delicious.

    This kladdkaka mix made with premium cocoa powder makes it easy to whip up in minutes in your own kitchen, using just a few fresh ingredients.

    I enjoy this kladdkaka cold, but most Swedish people enjoy it slightly warm out of the oven with a sprinkling of confectioners sugar or ice cream and will satisfy every sweet tooth.

    This kladdkaka mix is 100% the same as the recipe in my baking app  Love Manuela available on the AppStore and Android.

    Why buy a ready-made kladdkaka mix when I promote baking from scratch? 

    This mix is 100% the same as the homemade version, this cakebox just gives you the same premium cocoa powder I use, superfine sugar, espresso powder, and all-purpose flour I use in one box, still homemade just easier.

    Happy baking,

    Love Manuela XO